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Hi! I’m Josh(ua) Zosky

A person; not always a member; never a website. I do some things. Some of them I do well.

My Projects


Here is a collection of work that I’ve done during my PhD program.

Some of this work is code, some is visual, and all of it is awesome.

At minimum it’s tolerable. Click and explore.

z-box illusion

The Z-Box Illusion


Poster Presentations


Intro to Programming in Psychology - workshop materials

Dolor Penatibus

Developing a website with GitHub & Jekyll

About Me

About Me Logo This is a place for me to store and document my progress through the wonderful world of programming and scientific research.

It also will supply information on my work as a graduate student in the PhD program at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. I am in the Psychology-Neuroscience and Behavior program.

If you have questions/ideas/collaborations, feel free to email me at joshua.e.zosky@gmail.com or fill out the form below in Contact.


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