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Dr. Boxhead

This is a place for me to store and document my progress through the wonderful world of programming and scientific research.

It also will supply information on my work as a graduate student in the PhD program at the University of Nebraska -- Lincoln. I am in the Psychology-Neuroscience and Behavior program.

If you have questions/ideas/collaborations, feel free to email me at

Current Projects:

Resources for graphics in scientific presentation

PyNetstation Module Updates

Poster Presentations

The Z-Box Videos

PyNetStation Plugin for OpenSesame

This plugin integrates a cleaned up version of the PyNetStation Scripts with GUI features for OpenSesame stimulus presentation software.

RetroTS for Python

RetroTS is a script for creating regressors for MRI data to remove artifacts from Respiratory data and Cardiac data. This script is a direct translation of Ziad Saad's RetroTS Matlab code. It includes all dependencies needed to run RetroTS.

Past Projects:


FaceReader bindings for Python